Top 4 Facts to Consider While Buying Blender Online

Even the simplest of the kitchens today feels incomplete without a blender. Many people consider it only a tool for making smoothies and milkshakes but if you research a bit further you will find out about the hundreds of applications of these useful devices besides making frozen drinks. The best countertop blenders come with powerful motors which are capable of performing a whole bunch of tough tasks like crushing ice for frozen drinks, making nut butter and more. However, to be able to perform a variety of tasks with your blender, you need to be careful in selecting one. Not every blender will be able to survive through the toughest challenges that you plan on putting them through. Here are some of the things that you will need to consider when selecting a countertop blender for your kitchen:

1.     Motor:

The motor is what powers the blender which makes it probably the most important part of the machine. The quality of the motor will determine the quality and performance of the blender. A stronger motor will mean that the blender is capable of performing tough tasks with ease and speed. You will find blenders with motor ratings starting from as low as 200 watts to over 1500 watts for the most powerful ones. If you plan on using it for tasks like crushing ice of making nut butter, you should look for at least 600 watts.

2.     Speed settings:

Different models of countertop blenders will come with different speed settings. The most advances models will even include up to 15 speed settings to allow more control over the outcome. However, the number of speed settings will add to the price of the model and in reality all these numbers of speed settings is not really necessary. On/off and pulse option are more than sufficient for performing most of the tasks perfectly.

3.     Attachments:

Many useful attachments can be available with the blender you choose to buy. Since you are paying for the attachments too that will come with the blender, consider if you will be using most if not all of them. Also check if they can be detached and attached easily. Blender Buying Guide & Many More is the perfect source if you are getting blender for the first time.

4.     Blender jar:

There are many things which you need to consider regarding the blender jar since it is a very essential part of the blender. Most importantly, you need to consider the capacity of the jar that you require. If you have a large family and prepare multiple servings of smoothies at a time, you should choose a large, family-sized jar. If you don’t make more than one or two servings at a time, a small, personal-sized jar will be sufficient for you. Clear plastic is the most preferred material for the jar although you will also find some glass and stainless steel blenders. The problem with glass jars is that they can break easily and that with stainless steel ones is that you cannot see the contents unless you lift the lid.

How to Choose the Best Cold Press Juicer 

The purchase of a cold press juicer is a small step towards the right direction in maintaining a daily, healthy intake of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Cold press juicers extract more juice and less foam from fruits and vegetables while keeping the nutritional content in them intact. This is due to the fact that cold press juicers do not emit heat (which damages nutrients) but rather they apply pressure. With that said, it can be a daunting experience trying to choose from juicers with different specifications. Which juicer is right for you? Below we highlight some important factors to consider while buying the best cold press juicer for you.

Consider Technicalities

Machines come in varying technical dimensions. Some are more complex to operate than others. It is important to know whether you are at ease with learning to operate a more complex machine and whether you even need the features which make it complex. Make sure that you are comfortable with the machine that you are buying. Explore shops and look for a hands-on experience of your shortlisted models to ensure that your fingers sit well with what you purchase.


Cold press juicers primarily come in two types; horizontal slow juicers and vertical slow juicers. Horizontal slow juicers are cheaper than vertical slow juicers. Therefore, if price is a consideration in your purchase, make sure to search online the prices of different juicers and tally them against the budget which you have set for yourself. A good priced juicer comes with good compromises so while comparing prices you must also look at what features you will be getting with that juicer.

Read Reviews

If the price and features together are satisfactory and match what you want then you must establish whether this cold press juicer functions exactly as it says it does. For this purpose, there are tons of user cold press juicer reviews online which highlight user experience with the machine. These reviews would mainly rank the cold press juicer against price, features, ease of use, and durability. This is a crucial step to buying any kind of machinery as you must establish whether you will get your money’s worth or not and the most genuine way of knowing this is by reading other people’s experiences with what you plan to buy.

Be Specific in Your Research

While reading details of cold press juicer models, be sure to keep in mind that their specifications will either state that they are cold press juicers or will not. Any juicer which does not state this explicitly is not a cold press machine. A common advantage of cold press juicers is that they can process greens, nuts, and tough vegetables. However, most but not all cold press juicers have that capability and again if this is a function which you are looking for, unless it is explicitly stated it will not be present in the juicer. It’s important to search for exactly what you want from the juicer in its specifications.

Food Processors for Kneading Dough

Food processors save a lot of your precious time as well as energy spent in the kitchen by performing most of the food processing tasks for you. It might take hours for you to slice vegetables, grind nuts, grate a bar of cheese and knead dough while it takes minutes for the food processors to complete all these tasks.

Kneading dough is one such food processing tasks that most people dread as it takes a lot of your energy and time. Most good quality food processors come with a motor strong enough and a specifically designed dough blade to be able to perform this tough task for you. Here is a list of top 3 food processors for kneading dough.

Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic

Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic with its 600 watts strong motor can perform tough tasks like kneading dough and making nut butter with ease. With this machine you can slice, shred, knead, puree, chop and mix ingredients in just a matter of seconds. 7 cup work bowl allows you to prepare food for the entire family. Extra large feed tube allows you to add whole fruits and vegetables. All the parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. The manufacturer gives a 5 year motor warranty and a 3 year entire unit warranty with the product.

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro Custom

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro is a powerful machine with a large 11-cup work bowl to prepare enough food to feed the entire family. With this appliance, you can knead dough, slice vegetables, shred cheese and mix ingredients with ease. A slicing/shredding disk and a spatula are included in the packing. Extra large feed tube allows you to add whole fruits and vegetables eliminating the need to preprocess foods. Five year long motor warranty and a limited 3 year entire unit warranty is available with the product.

Oster Total Prep with Dough Blade 

Oster Total Prep features a 500 watts strong motor and a 10 cup work bowl to prepare enough food for the entire family. It comes with a specialized dough blade to make pizza crusts, bread and cookie dough. Extra large feed tube allows you to add whole fruits and vegetables without having to preprocess them first. A slicing and shredding disk is available with the product. 2 speed options along with a pulse option add precision to the processing tasks. All the parts are dishwasher safe.